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IT Support

IT Support For Small And Medium Businesses

Companies nowadays rely on technology more than ever. They have multiple business locations throughout the country and the world. Staffing each office with top IT professionals can be a serious challenge. Whether your headquarters is located on the Metro and you need occasional support in another other City or you are opening or closing office locations in another City, The Alfaintelli team will help your business reach its full potential and overcome problems associated with technology

Web / Email Servers

Web and Email Setup and Migration

Ready to upgrade to world-class Web/email service? Our experts will consult with you on your needs, set up the right service, migrate all of your existing company data, and assist each user with access, configuration, and training.

Network Infrastructer Design

We Take Care of Your Critical IT Infrastructure

Too many businesses let their servers, data, and networks go unmanaged for weeks or months at a time. Don’t expose your central IT infrastructure to risk by ignoring warning signs or failing to perform maintenance and security tasks. Let us take care of your systems to ensure business productivity.

Backup / Restore

Backup is Crucial for a Successful Business

Your company’s data is critical to business operations. Ensure you have a professional backup solution with redundancy, monitoring, support and recovery processes. We implement simple and redundant solutions to truly protect your data and offer you peace of mind.

Helpfull Articles


Dovecot Automatic Restart

If for any reason your Dovecot process is killed, you need to run the following command to restart it. sudo systemctl restart dovecot Instead of

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Windows 10 & 11 God Mode

How to enable God Mode in Windows 10 & 11 Enabling God Mode is easy enough to do once you know the steps you need

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How to Install Dovecot on Ubuntu

Open Ports in Firewall (if you have enabled UFW) sudo ufw allow 80,443,587,465,143,993/tcp If you use POP3 to fetch emails, then also open port 110

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